Remember when you were a kid and you had big dreams and an imagination to create the person you wanted to be when you grew up.  Some of us wanted to be actors, dancers, teachers, doctors, inventors, the list is endless.  Whatever happened to those dreams, did you pursue them and become the person God created you to be or did your life steer you towards a much different path.


At this very moment in your life are you the person you want to be?  Are you happy and content with the direction your life is headed?  Are you satisfied with your career, your health, your finances, your relationships?  What about your happiness, your joy, your overall life?  If you answered yes to all these questions, your life is blessed.  However, there are many where a little life adjustment that needs to take place.


At any given moment, your have the power to control and direct your life to whatever outcome you desire. You can accomplish this by changing the way you think.  Switch your thoughts from focusing on the negative around you to all that is positive within yourself and that which surrounds you.  Start to fill your mind with the person you want to become.


Here's what I would like you to do:


Grab your favorite journal and if you're like me, you have a favorite pen too!


At the top of the page write, I Am...


Now, begin to list the awesomeness that is already you and the fantastic person you desire to be.


I Am...


I Am a beautiful person


I Am generous


I Am loved


I Am a faithful servant


I Am a healthy woman


I Am happy


I Am so blessed


I Am inspired


Celebrate the woman that you are with the I Am's that are currently you and the I Am's that you desire to become.  Read and focus on your list everyday, say them aloud and believe that you are every beautiful element you have listed and watch a powerful increase take place in your life.


With Love and Gratitude,


Tiffany Jones