A good friend recently introduced me to a weekly motivational call, where the topic was, being prepared for life's opportunities.  When we prepare our life, we are setting an expectation for great things to transpire for us, within us.  If you are consistently reading, meditating, serving, writing, inspiring, praying or practicing what ever action that moves you, you are acting on the expectation of greatness flowing into your life.


Imagine this, you've been working on a new business venture that has the potential of creating overwhelming success for your life.  While you love your idea and believe in your idea, the reality is, you only work the idea a few hours each week.  One day, the break through you've been anticipating comes through as an unexpected phone call from an investor who happened to hear about your work.  A desire to partner with you and provide the resources needed to shift your vision into reality, is the offer presented.  After spending a few weeks with the new partners,  it becomes keenly obvious that the idea everyone thought had such great potential, needed a lot more research to be completed and was simply not ready. The opportunity that was placed in your palm is now gone because the preparation wasn't there.


Let's say you've been praying for your ideal mate and he suddenly one day appears in your life.  But after only a few short weeks, he's gone because your life was not ready to receive him.   Oftentimes, we ask and we pray for a great man to come into our lives but then we don't know what to do with him, because we haven't prepared ourselves for him.


Don't allow opportunities to slip away because you haven't taken the time to prepare. When opportunities knock, its too late to start preparing, it's too late to research, it's too late to write the business plan, it's too late to develop yourself.   We must remember that whatever you feed, will grow.  Have you fed your mind lately, have you fed your spirit lately, have you given your ideas the quality and quantity it requires to be successful?  Failing to prepare, is like preparing to fail.  Everyone fails at something within their lifetime, that's oftentimes how we learn our best lessons, but when we know better, we do better.  And you now know better than to not prepare your life.


Create a spirit of expectation by preparing yourself for the opportunity you've envisioned for your future.  Expect great things to start happening.  With this mentality, not only are you preparing, you are also creating a shift in your thinking.  Expect to be successful, expect to be loved, expect to be positive, expect to be healthy, expect to be prosperous, expect a life filled with joy, peace and abundance.  When you expect it, it will show up and show out.  Expect Greatness.


Love and Gratitude,


Tiffany Jones