Have you been loving a man more than you love yourself? Giving him your attention and care to the point where you are tired and burnt out? Then you feel disappointed when he doesn't do what you expect him to? If so, you probably have not been giving enough to yourself and making the relationship with yourself more important than any relationship with a man. Follow these 3 self loving rules to make yourself the most important person in your life.


Self loving rule #1: Put your happiness first


Women in relationships often want to please their man. To make him feel satisfied in the relationship, they can go out of their way to be nurturing and giving in the relationship. Driving across town, cooking a three course meal and baking cookies are just some of the things you would do to make him happy. You even make sacrifices to accommodate his plans and needs. Sometimes, happiness is in the giving. But are you giving him more than you give to yourself, thus feeling tired and resentful?


Remember to always put your own happiness first, especially when you are in love with a man. By doing things that make yourself happy, you become energized and able to give more of yourself to him. In fact, men prefer to be around women who are joyful and fun. Putting your happiness first means knowing what makes you feel good and then deciding your actions based on that. Compromise if you must in the relationship, but never do something that would make you feel unhappy or resentful in any way.


Self loving rule #2: Accept who you are as an individual


Couples spend a lot of time doing things together, so it becomes harder to identify themselves as individuals. It is especially easy for women to forget who they are as they can be very accommodating.


Take time to understand and accept yourself as an amazing, beautiful, intelligent, creative and smart individual. Knowing yourself intimately helps you to make decisions that bring happiness and joy to your life. Despite any flaws, fears and challenges in life, you are worth loving. Learn how to overcome your personal obstacles and lead a more fulfilling life that you were meant to live. Self awareness is the key to acceptance and loving yourself more and more.


Self loving rule #3: Keep learning from your experiences


Loving yourself and putting your needs and happiness first isn't always easy. It takes practice and continuous learning from past unloving behaviours. You know you have not engaged in self loving behaviour when your decision or action leads to you feeling less than fully satisfied. When this happens, it is easy to get into a pattern of self pity and blame. Pity and self blame don't change reality. In fact, they only make things worse by making you feel lousy. However, these patterns can be changed and you can choose to learn from your mistakes and make new decisions to love yourself from now on. Over time, you will get better at placing your needs and happiness first.


These simple tips are easy to follow, but it takes practice if you really want to get good at loving yourself more than a man. It is an ongoing process to treat yourself lovingly and with respect.


If you can love your man, pet and home unconditionally, why can't you do the same for yourself?


Make the decision now to love yourself more than a man. No longer feel disappointed or resentful towards him. You will enjoy being the most important person in your life, feeling more joyful and energetic throughout the day.


Sueyan Lim Shuyan shares her wisdom on being a self loving individual. Practicing unconditional love for yourself is an ongoing process. It may not always be easy, and often requires me to encourage myself to keep going on this journey of choosing to feel good no matter what. Click here to find out how positive self encouragement can help you to love yourself more than any man.


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